Friday, March 27, 2009

Government Censored Fish

Paddy and I fished on an undisclosed river yesterday (I'll admit it was in Idaho) and had the best day of fishing we'd ever had. Really. We guess we caught about 60 fish in three hours ranging from 16" to well over 20", including more ginormous whitefish.

One whitey was so big I couldn't get my hand around it a lost it before I got a photo--not that I'd post the censored fish photos. I'm a freaking whitefish machine. I've been thinking about getting together with Whitefish Ed to start Whitefish Unlimited.

Paddy fishing on undisclosed river. If you can figure out where we are, you're welcome to go. All fish photos were censored for their protection.

Truly amazing fishing, fresh snow on my favorite mountains, and 80 knot winds. I later checked and it said it was only 17, but I swear it was blowing straight from Canada. I wore long johns, fleece pants, and puffy pants under my waders and long johns on top with a down vest, down jacket, and my wading jacket. And the wind still got to me. Burr.

Amazing, though. Best day ever. Really.

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Yacht Club said...

Count us in as Charter Members for Whitefish Unlimited