Wednesday, August 31, 2005

41. Enough to pour one for my homies.

So, today is an exceptional day at the Sand Hill porque I am writing. That is because I am too lazy to walk back to my house to get my camera to load pics. And I am very sad so I'm pouring one for my homies. I am now roomateless-Kevin left a few weeks ago and Chase left this afternoon. Everyone has gone back to school or something and I am sad. Mom and Pop had a fun trip of fishing and washing my car-he he. Pics to look for: partying at the Hemingway House, Mom and Pop with fish, climbing, and the most exciting bit of Idaho-fishing in Yellowstone. Too bad there won't be pics of the Dalai Lama since all the pinche rich Ketchumites got tickets and are now selling them-what will they be coming back as? Idaho love and potatoes-peace out

Thursday, August 18, 2005

These are my new and expensive climbing shoes. Notice they are still very clean. I am sad. It rained mucho and I did not get to go climbing on Tuesday. Instead we went to Jackpot, Nevada, where I began my lifelong addiction to gambling by spending $2. Posted by Picasa

Me reading the paper in my car at the City of Rocks when I was supposed to be climbing. It was raining and I'm still sad. Posted by Picasa

P Diddy at the symphony. The large mat is not for bouldering, but for intoxicated walks uphill. If you fall back, you won't crack your head. Posted by Picasa

Jeanne and I preserving TNC apricot Preserve preserves. Posted by Picasa

One of the many fish Kevin caught on Warm Springs his last night in the Valley. There was a big one, however, no picture. Posted by Picasa

Chase, me, and Kevin at Stalker Cabin. Posted by Picasa

Chase and Kev in matching clothes going out to stalk some fish. And no, they are actually not drunk...I think. Posted by Picasa

Erin and John at Grumpy's. My favorite place for burgers with Mormon Sauce and Schooners (really ginormous beers). Posted by Picasa

Erin and I at Ketch'em Alive Posted by Picasa

Looking at fish food. Kevin plots revenge on the mice. Posted by Picasa

Trout sstalking on Mud Creek. Posted by Picasa

Erin and me on the South Fork of the Snake on the way back from j-Hole, Wyoming. Posted by Picasa

Colin, Paddy, and Friend. Pelo. Con rods. Posted by Picasa