Wednesday, August 31, 2005

41. Enough to pour one for my homies.

So, today is an exceptional day at the Sand Hill porque I am writing. That is because I am too lazy to walk back to my house to get my camera to load pics. And I am very sad so I'm pouring one for my homies. I am now roomateless-Kevin left a few weeks ago and Chase left this afternoon. Everyone has gone back to school or something and I am sad. Mom and Pop had a fun trip of fishing and washing my car-he he. Pics to look for: partying at the Hemingway House, Mom and Pop with fish, climbing, and the most exciting bit of Idaho-fishing in Yellowstone. Too bad there won't be pics of the Dalai Lama since all the pinche rich Ketchumites got tickets and are now selling them-what will they be coming back as? Idaho love and potatoes-peace out

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