Monday, September 28, 2009

Changing Seasons

Summer's finally over.

We've had a fantastic September with unseasonably warm temperatures, and the fishing has been awesome, but things are changing soon. On Wednesday, we're expecting snow, a high of 39 and deep freezes. Hopefully the cold weather will push some steelhead upstream and get the tailwaters into shape.

Looking forward to it.

The photo is on the Lower Lost on the property that I really want. Those pesky student loans always get in the way!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rod no. 11

I just received all the pieces to my 11th rod--my first Spey rod! I always borrow someone else's, but since 30,000 steelhead made it over the Bonneville dam in one day, I figured I better get ready.

I went the economical route and ended up with a great outfit. I got an Echo 2 in a 13'6" 8/9--a rod I've fished with before. I got a Lamson Guru 4 and a Rio VersiTip in 650 grain to line it up. It should be a machine through the fall and winter!

The Lower Lost was windy today so I'm hoping the carp down in Hagermen are more responsive tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Junkies

This past weekend, my college friend Daniel and his fiance Marissa came to Idaho from Eugene, Oregon. We didn't get to do a lot together, but we managed to fish on Sunday night. Daniel had never been fly-fishing before and Marissa had never been fishing before. We got into a ton of fish and we all had a blast. I think Marissa's ready to buy some gear, which is always a sign of me doing my job!