Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Photogaphy

Silver Creek could not be more beautiful right now. Check out:

Photos by Glenn Oakley.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Modeling, Fishing, Keeping College Students Captive

Wow is the best way to describe what happened last weekend.

So, to start...Paddy and I were offered large sums of money to "model" on Silver Creek on Friday night. Getting paid to fish? *&%@ yeah! It could not have been a more gorgeous night--the foliage could not have been brighter and the sunset was amazing. I definitely don't get to fish the creek as much as I'd like.

While we were de-wadering after the photo shoot, we started talking to some dudes who just got off the creek. Nice guys from NC--seniors at Wake Forest. Invited them to stay the weekend since they didn't have anywhere to stay and they ended up being a blast. Paddy fished with them on the creek and took them back at night--how 'bout some 30 inch BBTs?!?

On Sunday, we all went to the Lost--freakin' amazing! One of the best days of fishing I've ever had. Between the four of us, we figured there were 150 fish, and we all caught at least one big one. We took LOTS of pics!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chix with Stix

Rogue Angels is an awesome blog in Oregon (i.e. the Rogue) that posts pics of chix...with big fish, that is. It's like Page Six Chicks every day instead of twice a year in The Drake. So, not only am I repping this blog because it's awesome, but I'm Monday Morgan from this past Monday with a Steelhead Mafia shot.