Sunday, June 25, 2006

Record Silver Creek Brown!

So...the largest trout, maybe fish, of my life!!!!!!!!! About 33" brown caught at dark on Silver Creek with the new fish slayer...a black deer hair mouse. It was bending a seven weight over pretty good and my cussing was only halted by the tears brought on by a Russian size brownie. Definitely a gorgeous fish and it was so large only half of it fit in the net. We're sending the last two pictures into fishing mags for publication.

Huge Silver Creek Brown

The year of the brown. Paddy's fishing zen is at its peak. This 26ish brown was caught on the creek on a Green Drake--yes--a dry fly. An absolutely gorgeous fish right before sunset.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Back!

The Sand Hill has hibernated for quite a while, but I'm back! I've been in Ketchum for about a month and am enjoying the fifteen hours of daylight. I've done a bit of work on my thesis, but I've been very busy with work. I'm Membership Assistant at Wood River Land Trust, and am at Lost River Outfitters the rest of the time. I've made some time for fishing, some bouldering, and just got my bike out last night. Things are great and when I finish my thesis in September I'll be home free (just in time to get the skis out!). Tight lines and enjoy!

These are Brown Drakes!

A Big Brown

Brown Drake Rainbow

There were less rainbows, but they were just as big as the browns. There aren't pictures of my big rainbow because Paddy broke my camera-ugh!

One of my Browns

This is one of the fish I caught on the fourth night of the hatch.

One of Paddy's Numrous Browns during Brown Drakes

Brown Drakes were awesome this year again. Lots of late nights and LOTS of big fish. This was the second night of the hatch.

One of Paddy's Steelhead

This is what I should have caught on the Salmon. On this day, Paddy caught oodles of steelies.

Salmon River, April 2006

This is the only fish I caught. I was in Stanley during the only two days during all of steelhead season when the fishing was bad.

HAHA Conference

I'm giving a paper with TWO colons in the title-lots of craziness in Albuquerque!

Durango Fishing, Animas River, March 2006