Friday, March 13, 2009

Idaho is for Spawners

This morning Paddy and I went to a fundraising breakfast for Idaho River United. I was not stoked, to say the least, since it started at 7 am, but it was definitely an eye-opening experience.

The average Wood River Land Trust donor is probably 65 and a second homeowner who votes to the right of right. The crowd this morning, was significantly younger, hipper, and actually cared about our rivers and our anadromous the point of tears. IRU is a real go-get-em organization with guts and the willpower to get things done.

Having a new administration is a great opportunity to push for the removal of the four Lower Snake River Dams as well as try to get the historic salmon and steelhead runs to return to Nevada. Can you imagine seeing anadromous fish in Nevada?! It could happen in our lifetime if we respect the water and fight for the return of historic populations.

You can find out how to support IRU at the link to the right. I recommend you do--our fish will thank you.

The photo of the sticker and someone I don't know is from here.

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