Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blaine County Water Use

A water study was recently released by Jim Bartolino, our agency water dude, on water use in Blaine County. He originally found that Blaine County residents used 767 gallons of water a day, person, which was shocking, as you could imagine. After some refiguring, he came to between 500 and 600 gallons of water a DAY!!!! YEAR ROUND!

The Idaho average is 263 gallons per day and the national average is 179 gallons. We're about three times above the national average because people like John and Teresa Heinz Kerry, the largest water users in the county, water their ginormous yards all day every day.

I want you to think about our fish the next time you go out to turn on the sprinklers. They probably wouldn't approve.

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