Friday, March 06, 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working

This week I lots of unexpected work so I only fished one afternoon, but I did also get to guide yesterday.

On Wednesday, I got to go out after work and was on the river shortly after 4. I wasn't planning on catching anything since it was so late in the day--just scouting for some upcoming trips. I gawked at the Heinz/Kerry, Fayed, and Wynn households while pretending to fish. So big and hideous. I was talking on the phone (fishing hard, I know) when I saw something weird drift by. It turned out to be a Fishpond Piopod, which was kinda cool, but it doesn't fit on my Fishpond pack straps--kinda useless, but so was fishing that afternoon. At least I got out.

Paddy and I guided two nice couples from Huntsville, Alabama on Thursday. They had never fished before and we caught some fish nymphing before the midges made their appearance at 1.30. One of the ladies even caught a trophy whitefish--my fav! We all tag teamed a midge pool and they heckled each other. Everyone caught a few nice fish. It was a nice day and then we went to a slide show on Patagonian fishing at Silver Creek, but they were just selling trips so we left pretty quickly.

I hope I get to fish more next week, but the parents are coming so I have to clean the house--I'm going to try to get up Steelheading again--we'll see.

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Yacht Club said...

Gotta love those whities!!