Monday, March 23, 2009

Record Whitey?

No, I'm not talking about my tan-free body.

Paddy and I went steelheading today and Paddy caught the two biggest whitefish I've ever seen! Well over twenty, but we're not the types to carry tapes (real numbers make clients unhappy).

No steelhead landed, but a few hooked and we were mostly looking at water. I've got Spey fever and I was trying to find as many Spey pools as possible even though the Spey rod was a little incomplete. Paddy brought the bottom half of his T&T Spey rod and the top half of a broken T&T 6 wt. They don't match, surprisingly.

Paddy's way behind on zebra midges since he's putting together some flies to sell to Montana Fly so he tied over Galena Pass. Even Dramomine wouldn't keep me from puking doing that.

160 fish in the Pahsimeroi hatchery today!

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Yacht Club said...

props from Blanco- well played with the whiteys!