Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Last Day of the Season

Yesterday was the last day of trout season. I cried a little, but only because the fishing was so good. There were midges hatching like tricos--it was absolutely amazing watching so many fish rise for such little bugs. I caught some nice fish and this one wasn't the largest, but the prettiest. Not a great self phtographer.

This afternoon I made myself the ultimate steelheading hat. I like to wear a cap under my stocking cap and like to keep my ears covered. This hat is huge to go over my cap and has long tags to cover my ears and tie under my chin. I based it on a basic Patagonia hat that I lost and added from there. I look totally dumb in it, as Paddy confirmed, but I'll be a little happier on the river. I also added the awesome tribal-like salmon.

The Steelhead Mafia's heading to Stanley manana.

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