Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zydeco and Zebra Midges

Working in Sun Valley is always interesting because I have to find things to keep myself occupied. After the daily cleaning an rearranging, I usually don't have much to do.

On Friday I brought my fly-tying supplies to get started on this season's bugs. Zebra Midges were first on the list because I use them every day and because they're so freakin' easy to tie. I had some cool new colored beads from Montana Fly that I created some really cool new color schemes with--I think they'll work really well.

What made fly-tying really enjoyable on friday was the music! I normally plug in the handy dandy iPod, but I opted for Pandora. I wanted to listen to something that I don't have on the iPod so I rocked out to Zydeco all day. I almost fell out of my chair a couple of times because I was rockin so hard.

It made me think of spring in Texas--the begining of wildflowers, driving with the windows down, and trying to go swimming one week before you really should have. It'll be quite some time before we get to drive with the windows down here, but the skiing and the fishing aren't too bad.

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