Monday, February 09, 2009

Depression Duck

It's taken a few days to accept this, but I was laid off at Wood River Land Trust on Thursday. It was a pretty bad situation, but I won't go into details--I'll just stay quiet and get to say that I'm the better person.

I've cut myself off from all spending and fortunately I have lots of good things to eat in the freezer. Vegetables from the garden, fruit from the summer, and a variety of meat gifted from friends. Tonight I decided to make a duck. You can never go wrong using the Le Creuset dutch oven--I added onion and apple to make it juicy.

The photo above was the sad result. It tasted great, but reminded Paddy of an Imogen Cunningham and I kinda agree. I'm not in a migrant camp yet, but being thrifty during a period of unemployment is a little funny sometimes. Hopefully it won't last for long.

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