Friday, February 27, 2009

Trout Bum Deluxe

The longer I'm unemployed, the more I love it! I got to fish three times this week and am wanting even more action.

On Monday, Paddy and I had a lunchtime hour or so on the Wood for some "scouting." We really just pounded some rising fish on zebra midges. Our midges are not very prolific yet and the bugs are super small, but you can throw a dry/dropper and they'll eat the nymph.

On Tuesday, Paddy and i got to spend the whole day fishing--some more scouting. After the Bataan Death March into the river it was awesome. We literally post-holed through the melting snow for thirty minutes--totally awful. We tag teamed for about a mile up river and pounded fish on zebra midges and I even got a few to eat the size 12 Parawulff I was throwing, but never set the hook. Above is a pic of one of the standard winter bows--better than a sharp poke with a stick.

On Thursday, Paddy, Carl, and I went on an exploratory steelhead operation. It's been like 45 and sunny all week so when I got up at six in the morning, I looked outside and it was DUMPING. We had to go through the desert to get up to Challis because of the snow and all three of us, all of our clothes, and all of our rods got in the Silver Bullet for the long drive. (the Silver Bullet is Carl's 800 year-old two-door Audi--surprisingly roomy)

We managed to make it to the run we wanted before anyone else did, even though we had to stop at the Bent Rod to get the last black chenille within 100 miles of Ketchum, and Carl caught a steelhead on his second cast. I was in brief contact with one shortly after that. Paddy managed to dredge up all woody debris and a few whitefish and suckers on the Spey rod. We fished quite a few runs, both nymphing and throwing Spey and switch rods. Late in the afternoon, Paddy had a fish on shortly on the Spey rod and Carl pulled out two fish on his switch. It was a pretty awesome day considering it was about a month earlier than anyone usually goes fishing.

We had good company, good snacks, a few fish, and a chance to throw the Spey rods. Hellova lot better than going to work.



I envy your fishing time - while I do manage to get out and fish more than most, winter is always a slow time to try and hit the water.

Here's to Spring and excellent fishing.

Nice catch, BTW.

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