Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Want to go to There

Mom with a 26" rainbow.  I can't believe how excited she looks!
So, I'm supposed to be in Argentina right now, but since it's steelhead season, Paddy and I couldn't go.  My parents, Kai and Janet, are there, though, and making me madder by the day.  My mom apparently likes it so much that she said she wants her ashes spread there (but I think it's mainly because there are no snakes or poison ivy!).  They are fishing with Patagonia River Guides in Esquel and I'm not sure they're coming back.  They've sent a variety of pics, but there was a nice brown that Pop caught and a 26" rainbow that Mom caught that steal the show.  I might add that they're not fly-fishers (except when I make them).  Maybe they're having so much fun they'll take me back next year!
Pop with a beautiful brown.  The weather looks lovely.

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