Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Fishing Food

Probably my all-time, take to a desert island food is Bread Sausage. Most people have never heard of it, but I grew up with lots of German and Bohemian influence in South Texas and it's a staple. Bread sausage is a variation on Kolaches, a yeast bread filled with preserves, poppy seeds, cream cheese, etc. You just roll a piece of sausage in the yeast dough and bake it--yum. It's so great because you can bring a few on the river or in the backcountry in your pocket.
The Good Taste Collection, one of the cookbooks my Go-Go wrote.  Page 46 (cinnamon rolls and bread sausage) is the most used page.

I never made it in Idaho because I can't get good sausage here. My family always made sausage out of pork and venison, with a few chili pequins for spice--yum, again. On a recent trip to "town," I found some sausage that looked sufficient--it turns out it was, and the bread sausage was a hit on a yurt trip.

Though not the same as in South Texas, this sausage was good enough to use again.
I thought the Guadalupe cup towel my mom made me might help my dough rise--it couldn't hurt...

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