Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

2012 has already been beyond busy. We have almost no snow and have had really warm temperatures, including some record highs. Starting next week I'll start to have some time to fish and ski so that means it will probably turn insanely cold.

I finally went classic skiing for the first time this season last week. I even took some advice from Paddy, who actually knows what he's doing.

Yesterday was my birthday--I'm still on the bright side of thirty, but barely. Paddy and I celebrated with a nice, relaxing day.

I made myself a chocolate meringue pie--one of my favs.

Paddy insisted on putting 29 candles on the pie--I'm surprised the fire alarm didn't go off.

I'm hoping 2012 brings more fun my way. I plan on fishing and guiding more, trying to bike and climb more, and spend more time expanding The Brown Drake.

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