Friday, June 17, 2011

Early Season Fishing

Well, I've been avoiding this, but I guess it's time to talk about the early season fishing in the Wood River Valley. As you know, there's too much water everywhere. We're not as bad as Montana--they have snow pack up to 350% in places. Our snowpack is about 175% and it's coming off very slowly. We've only had one day over 70 degrees and the Wood is at 2300 cfs and not rising. I was expecting a big flood, but I think we're just going to have a slow melt and the Wood won't be fishable for a long time. I did manage to guide it a couple of weekends ago and it was great, but it may be another month before we can get back out there.

Our saving grace, and realy one of the only places to fish in the West, is Silver Creek. We've had a slow start. I think because of the cold weather there haven't been a lot of bugs, but there have been enough to have a nice morning. Last weekend, I was guiding a trip on Lower Silver Creek, expecting Brown Drakes and the wind picked up and blew everything away. In a desparation move, we went to the Preserve and actually had nice fishing throughout the afternoon. There were a few PMDs, some baetis, and lots of midges. By the 4th of July I expect the fishing to have improved greatly.

So...I mentioned Brown Drakes and I'm really disappointed to say that they haven't come off yet. Brown Drakes are one of those BBC documentary freaks of nature events and the hatch is my favorite week of the year. This is my seventh year to fish them and I expected them about two weeks seems like they may never happen now, but I know I have to be patient.

Long story short, Silver Creek is what's happening and by July it'll be full-on bonanza.

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