Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And I thought I could avoid having to post about feathers…

So, we all know about the feathers in the hair thing. I think it’s cool, but I haven’t gotten any because I know that it could contribute to crazy high fly prices—or even worse—no hackle left in the world. Moldy Chum posted last week that the fad had gone even further to include dogs—ridonkulous.

Anyhoo, I’m an Etsy whore. I love shopping on Etsy and it’s a great source of inspiration for my own crafts. I’ve noticed over the last month a number of feather listings that have knocked my socks off and today was by far the craziest. I’ve seen whole saddles for $400 and today I saw 20 feathers listed for $75. That’s $3.75 a feather!!!!!!!! Of course, to a hair stylist, that’s cheap because they’re charging $10-$20 a feather, but if there’s only the hackle left on our fly-tying desks, there could be a worldwide shortage of flies.

Paddy is considering selling some crazy hackle colors that he never uses so he can buy an iPad. I hope he can sell enough so I can get one too!

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