Tuesday, April 05, 2011

April Fools Steelhead

Driving up to Stanley.

April 1 is always a good indicator of the steelhead season. Two years ago, we caught 10 fish in an hour, last year, we counted 180 cars within 20 miles of Stanley, and this year we had an amazing spring day.

Last Friday, I met Keith and Paddy in Stanley for what turned out to be a beautiful day of steelheading. Keith broke his My Rock curse by landing a nice fish early on and Paddy and I followed his lead down river. It was amazingly warm and sunny--it was the only time I've had to take off layers steelheading.

Chillaxin' on the beach.
Keith's first fish of the day.
My wild buck. No, the pic wasn't Photoshopped. He's on his way to make some babies next month!

Days like Friday remind me of why I live in Idaho. It's only one more day until I get to go back! Paddy and Carl have officially moved into the Tyvek Teepee, btw. Fun times.

Another beautiful day in the Sawtooths.

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e.m.b. said...

That buck is absolutely gorgeous! Striking colors and it's hard for me to imagine just how striking because I know that photos never do the fish justice!

I'm very happy to have found your blog! I had an article in Blood Knot this month and found your blog off your editorial. Cheers!