Monday, March 28, 2011

Killing it on the Lost

The midges are pretty small compared to the net, but there were a ton of them.

Lost River Whitey--beautiful fish over there.

Another cookie cutter rainbow on the Lost.

Amanda with her first fish of the day.

Last Monday, my friend Amanda and I headed over to the Lost for some SNOWY fishing. I hooked a fish on my first cast, which is one of the reasons I love fishing over there. The fishing was amazing all afternoon. There were two types of midges, a sprinkling of baetis, and heads up everywhere. The best thing about fishing was knowing it wasn't going to end in April when the river normally closes. The river's going to be open year-round--WINNING!

It's also finally full-on steelhead season. Paddy caught 12 today--an I had to work--poo poo.

In conclusion, the fishing's amazing right now!

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