Thursday, February 03, 2011

When it's too cold to fish...

It has been bitterly cold in Idaho for the past month. We started winter off with some awesome snow, but it's been so cold that we haven't had any snow in well over a month. It's even been so cold that the river has frozen over for days at a time. I've managed to go out twice since the new year and it was fantastic, but it's just too dang cold. Instead of fishing, I've been trying to build my Etsy site and finish some sewing orders. I've been wanting to try to make something out of waders and made myself a handbag a couple of weeks ago. The waders were surprisingly easy to sew and the bag looks fantastic, but looks horribly crooked in this photo for some reason.

I'm hoping for some more snow--both for the skiing and the fish--and some warmer temps so I can fish a little more. I guess it is winter in Idaho, though.

P.S. It's only about a month until steelhead season!

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