Tuesday, February 01, 2011

2011 Christmas List

I was scrolling This is Fly this morning and saw a super pimp reel with skull and crossbones. It looked like an Abel so I went to their website to check out what was going on besides the insanely expensive nippers that everyone's in a huff about. I didn't see the skull and crossbones, but I think I need everything else...

WOW! I want everything!


Belt Buckles!

Derek De Young!

And Tribal Salmon, oh my!

On a much more reasonable note, it hasn't snowed here in over a month, but the backcountry skiing is still great on north facing slopes. Also, the midges have been insane even though it's been to cold to really have anything on the water. I hope they don't peter out before it gets warmer in March.

Also, I'm super stoked that the Lower Lost will be open in April and May! There will be insane spring fishing that we've never had before. I'm really looking forward to it--and steelhead season!

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