Monday, April 12, 2010

Fish Ready

It was time for me to get some new luggage and I researched quite a bit in the last few weeks. Of all of the companies I get deals from, I chose Eagle Creek and got these two awesome bags. Some of the requirements I had for new luggage included:

1. To last as long as my King Ranch luggage without weighing as much;
2. To be long enough to stash rods,
3. To be able to keep my waders and boots separate from less gross items
4. To be pirate proof in the Seychelles,
Helicopter proof in Kamchatka,
Sheep proof in New Zealand,
Camel proof in Mongolia,
and to be able to weather less exotic locales like Alaska, Patagonia, Cuba, Christmas Island, Africa, Europe, and Texas, etc...

While I was picking up my luggage at Backwoods, I also scored some really rad Gore-Tex tennies that someone had thrown away after wearing like ten times. I'm pretty sure that made my week.

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