Monday, April 05, 2010

180 Cars

Last Friday was my first day of the season on the Salmon. I thought there may be a lot of people because of Easter weekend, but I couldn't have imagined there would be so many people. I counted 180 cars in about 25 miles of the Salmon. We had to fish the most obscure buckets because we could not get into any we normally fish. Both Paddy and I managed to have a few tugs, but we didn't catch any fish. I was so disgusted by the number of people on the river that I gave up about lunch time.

I'm hoping to spend a day up there by myself this week and see if I can pop a fish on my Echo TR 13'6" 8/9 spey rod. I've really enjoyed fishing with it so far and it's definitely the right price since I don't get to fish spey water very often.

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