Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where the Antelope Roam

Yesterday I finally made it up to Copper Basin to do some scouting. I am so happy to finally have a car that can get up there and yesterday's trip was well worth it. I mostly fished on Star Hope and it was amazing. All of the fish were Fine Spot Cutthroat and there were lots of them. I just threw a Purple Haze and a Lightning Bug and got the job done. And of course, the Frog Hair 5x was easy to pull right out of the bushes.

I had never driven the full Copper Basin loop so yesterday provided me with that opportunity. I got within 20 feet of three Pronghorn and started racing them. They beat me at 30 mph--as fast as I could go on the pot-holed road.

I drove back down the basin and went up Wild Horse Creek. I managed to scare off an 18" rainbow and didn't find much after that. I am so happy it's summer in Copper Basin--it's always a nice change from the Wood or Silver Creek. I'm looking forward to hitting the Lower Lost next!

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