Monday, July 06, 2009

Trico Midges

A certain person I used to guide with, now deemed my nemesis, once pronounced on the Big Wood, "The bugs you see flying around are trico midges." I'm not kidding.

Buddy and fellow guide Carl corrected her, but throughout the day she continued to identify the tricos as trico midges and showed in an entomology book she put together the trico midge page.

Long story, but tricos are not midges, and they are out on the creek. I fished last night and saw a few and saw my first clouds of the year this morning. The fish seemed more tuned into the PMDs, though, which was okay since the PMDs were 14s and the tricos were 20s.

The Wood is dropping and fishing quite well. It's just under 1000 cfs, but there are Green Drakes and the fish are eating them. I hope to go to Copper Basin tomorrow--it should be fishing too.

Thank god it's summer.