Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My First Pilgrimage

Some people may enjoy visiting Chimayo on Good Friday, or going to other religiously appropriate sites, but I've never made a pilgrimage to the most important place in my religion (beside Silver Creek, where I live)...the Winston factory.

Next month Paddy and I are going to tear it up on the spring creeks in Paradise Valley. We made it there two February's ago and dominated so hard the fish begged for mercy. Last year we were too poor, but since gas is cheap and the guiding bidness is getting better, we're heading back.

The last time, we went to 13 fly shops--all that were open between Last Chance and Livingston. I spent about 8 billion dollars on flies I thought were pretty, but I ended up catching all of my fish on flies I had in my boxes from home.

So anyways, I started planning our trip and the most important part is the route to maximize fly shop opportunities. I figured we should really try to hit up Slide Inn since Paddy's dream is to be Kelly Galloup's life partner. I offered this as an option and also expressed interest in touring the Winston factory in Twin Bridges. The daily tours are at 11.00 a.m., but we can only go on the day we drive up. I figured Paddy wouldn't want to leave too early, but I asked him anyways. I think he said something about his willingness to cut off his casting arm in order to take the tour--I took it as a yes.

What I'm trying to say is that Paddy and I will be leaving at 4.00 a.m., on Wednesday, February 25 to take the tour at the Winston factory in Twin Bridges, Montana. My first pilgrimage. I guess it's not that unusual since I have 5 Winstons, Paddy has 6, and the Jack Russell to be born in March will be named Winston. I just hope they're sympathetic enough to custom embroider some bandannas for the puppy.

After we wipe up the drool, we'll head down to Sweetgrass to harass Glen Bracket and crew.

And then to all the fly shops we can find.

And then to some more.

And then to dominate some stupid spring creek fish.

and then...I'm running out of breath, but it should be fun.

www.yellowstoneangler.com (one of my favorite fly shops)

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