Friday, January 23, 2009

Costa Rica

Everyone seems to be talking about Costa Rica. My cousin Kassi went last summer, my sister's going in May, my cousin Jill is getting married there next January...and I was just invited to go next month!

Jess, Alaskan guide, recent graduate, and a fishing buddy of ours from NC invited Paddy and me down for some serious Rooster Fish action. You are probably most familiar with Rooster Fish from Running Down the Man, an excellent film about fly-fishing for Roosters in Baja. They're huge, have stripes and combs, and fight like hell. I first read about them in a fishing magazine years and years ago and was pretty intrigued. Paddy's caught them in Baja and LOVES them. Costa Rica is known for huge Roosters as well as sailfish.

Now the dilemma is whether we should drop the cash or not. I'm rooting for it.

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