Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Brown Drakes!

Tonight will be night six of the brown drake hatch. I'm actually doing better than I was a couple of nights ago, but I noticed the bags under my eyes this morning are pretty offensive, as is the state of my house.

It truly is the best week of the year and it has lived up to it's reputation once again. Sunday night was the most insane spinner fall of all time. There were clouds of spinners in every direction as far as you could see--at that point you are out-competed by nature. The four of us managed to land an amazing number of +20" fish, including some leaning towards 30".

On the way out, we stumbled upon a pile of spinners in an eddy that was about 3 feet long and a foot deep. The photos do a much better job of explaining this feat of nature.

On Monday night, I fished with Ketchum on the Fly and managed to land a feisty +20" brown on my second cast. You can call me Old McDonald, though, because I farmed about 20 fish the rest of the night. The spinner fall was great again, but there weren't as many fish as there were in my secret spot. We finished with a picnic spread and some wine--something I can always count on with KOTF.

After tennis this evening I'm heading out for maybe my last night. I better make it count.

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