Sunday, June 01, 2008

Finally...It's Fishing Season!!

Well, I've been waiting to report on the fishing until I had some photos, but I'm a week into the season and I haven't managed to take my camera out of my bag. The first week of the fishing season has been interesting. It's been very cold and rainy which has affected the evening fishing--when I get to go out.

I managed to fish on opening day and though it was slow after the BBQ at Silver Creek, I did manage to land the requisite brown. I went out again on Tuesday night, after another party at Silver Creek and managed to miss a few strikes on a Brown Drake, though I didn't actually see any flying around. There have been a few sporadic Brown Drakes, but they don't seem to be an indicator of the hatch appearing soon. I was able to float the creek on Thursday with some scientists and we saw lots of evening midges, of course, and about Size 15 PMDs hanging around.

On Saturday, I taught my favorite fishing class of the year with the Magic Valley Fly-Fishers in Twin Falls. I love working with them--they're such a great group of people--enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun. There were about a dozen ladies in the class and they all seemed to be excited about fishing.

On Monday I'm finally going to get to fish the Creek in the morning before coming into the fly shop for more fly ordering--whew! I understand the fishing on the Wood has been good as well with high-water nymphs, but I don't know why anyone would fish in a flood when the Creek is down the road.

We're only a week into "summer" and I'm already so busy. I am trying to fish a few times a week to soak it all in before things get REALLY busy. Hopefully Brown Drakes don't happen while I'm in San Fran this weekend--keep your fingers crossed!

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