Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Day Rain-Out

Graph of

Today is the last day that The Nature Conservancy portion of Silver Creek is open for the season.  I had permission to fish on Stalker Creek--the private access on the creek, so, of course, I got rained out.  We are getting a HUGE Pacific storm and are expecting four feet of snow on Sunday, but today it's just raining cats and dogs.  I'm definitely not a fair weather fly-fisher, but I refuse to fish in the rain when it's in the 30s.  Unless I'm steelheading.  The graph above if of the Wood--the water is going up and up.  My street in Hailey is quickly turning into a tributary of the Wood--I hope I can make it out, though I guess I can always get the canoe out.

Tonight I set up for the Papoose Club Holiday Bazaar.  It's the second year for The Brown Drake and I'm hoping people have their wallets open.  As a little treat for those of you not in Idaho, I'm offering free shipping at my Etsy store through the weekend.  Add FREESHIPPING as your code during checkout.  Get yourself some notecards, a trout tote, or an organizer for your tablet.

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