Friday, May 04, 2012

The Fishing's Hard to Find, but it's Really Good

Paddy staking a fish--It's just like Silver Creek except the fish are bigger and stinkier.
All of our rivers are closed or blown so we're pretty hard up for fishing in May.  A few years ago, we started driving south to Hagerman for some carp on the Snake and were really surprised at how awesome the fishing is down there.  Last Tuesday was pretty nice, so Paddy and I went down for the day and weren't disappointed. 

I can't believe how much this part of the Snake looks like the Llano River.
Another Llano-esque shot.
We fished Dolman Rapids which is near the Thousand Springs area.  I had never fished there before and couldn't believe how much the river looked like the Llano River, one of my favorite rivers in Texas.  There were HUGE fish everywhere and we both hooked quite a few, but it's so dang hard to hold on to carp with those soft, tiny mouths and I always crush my barbs.  Losing a few keeps me coming back.

It's so weird seeing pelicans in Idaho.

Paddy went to town on some fish below this dam.
I hope to make it down there at least a couple more times before Silver Creek opens on May 26.  I can't believe it's only three weeks until opening day--I may cry a little!


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