Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heading South...

Since Labor Day my life has been beyond hectic. I've been guiding, trying to fish a little, canning tomatoes and dealing with other things in the garden, and preparing for my grand adventure south.

On Thursday, I'll be teaching a cheese making class at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden and then our seven-week trip starts. We'll have to get to Las Cruces, New Mexico by Friday night for Paddy's mom's wedding on Saturday.

Captain Heard with a flounder--only in Texas!

After the wedding shennangians, we'll be heading south to Rockport, Texas, to fish for a couple of weeks. We hope to get into some redfish and maybe even go offshore once or twice. I'm looking forward to hitting up one of my favorite little fly shops, Swan Point Landing, in Rockport.

Once we're thoroughly sunburned and salty, and have maybe even grown a mullet, we'll be hunting in Goliad with my family and some friends from Idaho. We then head back west to Van Horn, Texas, to spend a few weeks roaming the ranch and looking for pictographs. I'll also be getting ready for my first craft show which will be the first weekend of December in Ketchum.

And then it's Thanksgiving. Whew.

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