Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fly-tying Binge

In the last two weeks, Paddy and I have managed to blow $900 on fly-tying materials. That's $900 of guide prices--seriously. There are so many new kins of shiny dubbing to get stuck in the carpet now--I can barely contain myself.

Yesterday, we received our Hareline order and I finally got a new vise (my Renzetti has been rubber banded together for two years). I went for Griffin's Montana Mongoose. I had heard bomber things about it and I was not disappointed when I opened the box. I couldn't figure out why there was a pistol on the table when I got home, but my vise s so heavy duty it came in a gun box. It came with a pedestal and c-clamp and has one of the best roataries I've seen in a long time. The clamp to tighten hooks in is bomber and super fast to use. That will be super handy tying all of the 30 dozen zebra midges I'll look forward to this winter.

I'm really looking forward to tying a few steelhead flies tonight. I'm heading to Oregon on November 8 and I've already had two steelhead dreams. Last night, Brian O'Keefe guided me into a nice wild hen on the Deschutes.

My life is messed up.

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Cameron Mortenson said...

$900? Damn... We all have vices...and some involve vises.