Monday, August 30, 2010

Steelhead Bonanza 2010

After working basically every day for the past five years and being unemployed for a lot of the last year, I've decided to embrace the leisure lifestyle and hit the road for steelhead this November. It's really overwhelming, however; I have to decide where to go, for how long, what rivers to fish, where I can camp, bathe, eat, etc. There are flies to tie, probably a new rod to buy, and tons of other stuff to consider. I'm leaning towards Oregon, but am willing to go anywhere.

What should I do?


Cameron Mortenson said...

Damn...sounds like a great time. Load the car up with fly gear, map out a few couches to surf, map your route, and practice those spey casts!

akor87 said...

The Deschutes will be nearly free of people and getting some hot winter fish in. Good access from the mouth, bring a mountain bike. Ha ha or you could just fish the Clearwater and Salmon. Cold is good!!! But I'm no expert.. Good luck