Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Day on the Creek

This morning, I headed out for Tricos at about 6.15, which is always a feat for me. Paddy and I signed in at the Preserve, then were beat to the place we wanted to fish by three dudes who did not sign in (technically tresspassing). Then we passed a guy guiding illegally (I'll spare the neighboring state--all four cars at the preserve were from there). We each found a spot--a reasonable distance from each other and from the illegal guide below me. Then there was extensive waiting for tricos, so I took a seat on a little island while I waited.

Some dude then saw me and walked in on me about twenty feet below where I was sitting (tricos are always a downstream or across cast). He rigged up and watched--I think he was waiting for me to get out of his way. He never got in the water, but waited for a looong time before he left. He then turned around and said, "Excuse me." "Yes," I said. "If you moved to the top of the island, you would be able to cast to the fish that are right where you are." I replied, "There aren't fish right here, but they are rising all around me." "Suit yourself," he retorted.

The dude not only walked in on me, but wanted me to move so he could fish to the BIG fish directly below me! I was so mad, it was all I could do to control myself. The tricos ended up not being that great and I was so mad, I just left the preserve and found much better fishing elsewhere.

Lessons of the day:

1. Follow the rules (sign in; don't guide illegally)--they may not be convenient, but they are there for a reason.

2. Get up early--I was on the preserve at 7 am--that's an hour and a half before you, old guy.

3. Be courteous--The guy who walked in on me slept in and took it out on me. I'm pretty sure he would have never walked in on or commented to a man.

Sorry about the rant, but I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen by old dudes who don't know how to fish on Silver Creek.

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