Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Packing for Alaska

How many rods should I bring?

We're bringing an arsenal and hope to break them all.

Winston 9' 6 wt.
CD 9' 6wt.
Echo 9' 8 wt.
Loomis 9' 8 wt.
Echo 9' 10 wt.
Reddington 9' 10 wt.
Echo 11' 7 wt. Switch
Thomas and Thomas 13' 8/9 Spey
Echo 13'6" 8/9 Spey

It's starting to look like we're sponsored by Echo! For the price, you definitely can't beat the rods and since we don't get to spend much time fishing for big fish they are perfect.

Packing was really easy since the weather's been almost the same as here. Lots of rain, but a little warmer.

I'm so freaking excited, I'm starting to shake a little. No phone, no internet, lots of water, lots of fish, lots of fun.

Check ya on June 26th!

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