Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fire, Fishing, Snow, and a New Car!

Lots of excitement this past week...to say the least. Wednesday afternoon Silver Creek caught on fire and rapidly burned towards my house in Picabo. It was interesting to make the list of things that you need to pack before evacuating...the list is as follows: Fly rods (all the extras that aren't in my car), skis, guns, climbing gear, photos, and computers. You'd never be able to tell that I have a preference for toys.

Then, a norther blew through on Sunday that made fishing the Lower Lost on Monday quite miserable. There was an ice storm in Arco, snow while we were buying a Coke, and howling winds. All of the peaks were white when the clouds lifted. The fishing wasn't even that great--I'm totally not ready for winter--burr.

Last night I cleaned out my car, Maurice. I've had Maurice, a 1999 Toyota Camry since I was a Senior in high school (seven years!) and he has 183,000 miles. There were golf balls and a variety of other items I have not seen since I could legally drink (I always cleaned the beer cans out). He's driven through river beds, been mudding, survived blizzards, and most recently transported lots of clients to and from the river. I'm getting a little misty-eyed, but I'll probably forget him as soon as I slide into my new Element and I'll never love him like I loved Bob. My new car may be too shiny for a name--we'll see.

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