Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wexford Highland Rod and Gun Club

For the past two weeks I have been touring lovely Sun Valley, Idaho, with the family and O'Connor Crew. Most importantly, we fished almost every day: on the Wood, Silver Creek, and even Copper Basin.

We went out twice on Silver Creek for Tricos and it was amazing. Though some of the most difficult fishing of the year, seeing the unbelievable number of bugs, as well as the fish, is really awesome. Notice in the photo how early we were out by the expression on my face!

There were also two expeditions up to Copper Basin during the stay. We mostly caught brookies, but we also harassed some rainbows, whitefish, and Yellowstone, Fine Spot, and West Slope Cutties.

Most of our trips were on the Wood in the evening. We got into some awesome Caddis hatches along with some Yellow Sallies (they're really green). The last night we were out, everyone caught well over a dozen fish each in just a couple of hours.

It was a really fun, but exhausting couple of weeks. Can't wait 'till next year!

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