Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Early Spring on the Lower Lost

Skiing was great this year and I feel like I made some major progress. There was too much snow to ski for a while (I know, sounds fishy), though, and my thoughts drifted to fishing. I've been really excited for well over a month now and it is starting to pay off.

Last Thursday was my first day on the Lower Lost since October. It was very sunny, but cold. Nymphing produced lots of fish, but when midges started appearing around one, things got really exciting.

Paddy and I giggled like schoolchildren. We caught a LOT of fish. On dries, on zebs, hell, they probably would have eaten anything. I was most excited when during a frenzied exhange of rods and mittens I hooked and landed a pretty big cutthroat. Cutthroat don't exist on the Lower Lost. I was beyond excited. The included photos are of one of my dry fly fish and my cutty.

I can't wait to go back!

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