Sunday, June 12, 2005

View to the NW from the Visitor's Center deck. Ketchum is about 30 miles away on the right hand side and Sullivan's Lake (The Shark Tank) is just out of view on the left. Posted by Hello


Mary Austin said...

Hey, nice pics. Are there any downtrodden minorities up there that I can reform. Ya' know, bring 'em in to the modern world?

Popie and GoGo said...

Morgan -

Dick and I are here at home visiting and your GoGo and Popie showed us your web site and I must say, I'm impressed. The view is absolutely fantastic. It reminds me so much of Colorado. We can hardly wait for you to come back home; and then on one of our vistis tell us all about it. And, I must say for someone that is suppose to be working it sure seems like your having a great time too.

Love to you - be careful and be safe.

Dick and Faline Rowland - Ohio
your second cousins (just in case you don't know who we are - ha ha)